MEGASPA PRIME Electric Sauna Heater

MEGASPA PRIME Electric Sauna Heater

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Choosing the right heater is one of the most important steps in designing a sauna room. There are different types of sauna heaters; from traditional wood-burning heaters to gas, electric and infrared ones. In recent years, electric heaters have become the most popular type of heaters because they are very easy to install and operate and have a high level of safety. In this type of sauna heater, electricity is used to heat the element. The element heats the heater stones, and finally, the heat radiated from the stones raises the temperature of the sauna room through convention. As there is a direct contact between the heating element and the heater stones, upmost efficiency in heat transfer is ensured.

MEGASPA PRIME Wall-Mounted Electric Sauna Heaters are suitable for installation in small to medium-sized sauna rooms. Although PRIME heaters are capable of generating 4.5 to 9 kW of output power (depending on the model), they take up very little space inside the sauna room. These heaters also give a stylish look to the interior design of your sauna room. The body of these heaters is made of stainless steel to withstand the high temperature of the sauna room. The heating elements of our heaters are highly durable and resistant against constant, intense heat. MEGASPA heaters provide you with accurate temperature adjustment and keep the temperature at your desired level throughout your sauna session. In order to create a hot, humid sauna environment, you can spray a little water on hot heater stones which instantly evaporates to create steam.

PR45, PR60 and PR90 models are equipped with a timer and thermostat switch, which make the heater’s operation safe and easy. In addition to adjusting the temperature, you can set the heater’s operating time. In case you forget to turn off the heater, it will turn off automatically past the preset on time and prevent power loss. You can also set the heater to get switched on before your sauna session and heat the room to your desired temperature by the time you enter the sauna. That way, you no longer have to wait for the device to preheat. This switch is illuminated so that it can be detected even in a dim sauna room.

You can adjust the temperature and time of MEGASPA E Series Heaters (PR45E, PR60E and PR90E) as well as switching on and off the sauna room lights using a separate control panel that is provided with the heater.

MEGASPA Wall-Mounted Electric Sauna Heaters come with one-year Mirab Arian warranty and ten-year after-sales service.

Body Material Stone Capacity (kg) Heater Dimensions (Length × width × height) Model Phase Output (kW) Sauna Room Size (m3)
Steel 20 61 × 26 × 43 PR45 /PR45E 1/3 4/5 9
PR60 /PR60E 1/3 6 12
PR90 /PR90E 3 9 19


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