MEGASPA SMART Electric Sauna Heater

MEGASPA SMART Electric Sauna Heater

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Today, electric heaters are the most common type of sauna heaters. In these heaters, electrical energy passes through heating elements and is converted into thermal energy due to resistance. As a result, the elements are heated and the heat generated is transferred to the stones stacked on top of them. Heater stones store heat and warm up the surrounding air. Electric heaters are particularly suitable for installation in indoor sauna rooms.

MEGASPA SMART Floor-Standing Electric Sauna Heaters are composed of a stainless steel basket, which holds up to 80 kg of sauna stones. These heaters are designed and manufactured by incorporating the Finnish sauna tradition and Harvia Finland advanced technology. You can create a humid and hot ambiance in the sauna room by generating steam through spraying water on heater stones. Thanks to the design of the SMART heaters and the large amount of stones that are piled up inside the heater basket, the steam quality can be adjusted from soft to sharp, by spraying water on the stones that are located either on the side or on the top of the basket.

The elements installed in these heaters are very durable and highly resistant to constant, intense heat. These heaters are suitable for installation in small to medium-sized sauna rooms and create a desirable and consistent heat throughout the sauna room. MEGASPA SMART electric heaters are offered with Mirab Arian one-year warranty and ten-year after-sales service.

Temperature and time adjustment of SM75, SM90 and SM105 models is possible through the timer and thermostat switches installed on the bottom of the heater. You can also set the heater to get switched on before your sauna session and bring the room temperature to the desired level by the time you enter the sauna. It is also possible to set the operation time of the heater using the timer switch so that the heater gets turned off automatically past the preset operation time. The timer and thermostat switched are illuminated so that they you can find them even in a dim sauna room.

MEGASPA E series heaters (SM75E, SM90E and SM105E) are equipped with a separate control panel to control the temperature and time, as well as turning the sauna room lights on and off.

Body Material Stone Capacity (kg) Heater Dimensions (height × diameter) Model Phase Output (kW) Sauna Room Size (m3)
Steel 80 90 × 30 SM75/SM75E 3 7/5 15
SM90/SM90E 9 19
SM105/SM105E 10/5 22


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