MEGASPA Electric Sauna Steamer

MEGASPA Electric Sauna Steamer

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The steam sauna room is heated by a device called steamer. The water enters the steamer tank, reaches the boiling point using the heat from the elements and is converted to steam. The steam is then distributed in sauna room through the steam outlet pipe. The steamer is installed outside the sauna room. The MEGASPA electric sauna steamer is modeled on Finland’s state-of-the-art technology, and its body and tank are made entirely of stainless steel.

MEGASPA steamer is equipped with an electronic board that is installed inside the device. Comes with a steamer, a control panel that includes status lights and multifunction switches and is installed outside the sauna room.

The main board is equipped with a microcontroller that monitors constantly the status of the device (including the water level of the tank and the operation of the elements) and informs the user through the status lights on the control panel. The lifespan of the device is showed on the control panel. The MEGASPA steamer works with the lowest water pressure, and if the water supply of the device faces a problem or the device needs maintenance for any other reasons, the status lights will inform the user about the issue. The following can be adjusted using switches on the control panel:

  • Sauna room temperature (from zero to 60 degrees Celsius)
  • Operation time of the steamer (from zero to 12 hours)
  • Sauna room lighting (reduces the length of ​​wiring in the sauna room)

If water is leaking alongside the steam that is coming out of the steamers, it will block the steam outlet pipe, which causes the tank pressure to rise. To prevent from this, MEGASPA steamers are equipped with drip traps. The steam outlet pipes are threaded, which makes them easier to use and increases safety level. Also, the O-ring of the element loses its sealing force over time. This failure is prevented in MEGASPA steamers since the elements are threaded. Accordingly, upmost sealing of elements is guaranteed.

As mentioned earlier, the water level and temperature of the steamer tank are always controlled by an electronic board. This has increased the efficiency of the device and the lifespan of the elements in our steamers. MEGASPA electric steamers are equipped with a safety valve and thermal switch to increase the safety level of the device. If the pressure inside the tank increases, the valve will act accordingly and reduce the pressure in the tank. The thermal switch cuts off the current when a temperature limit is exceeded, preventing potential burn out or failure of board and elements. This device is equipped with a grounding system that provides a path for a fault current to flow to earth to protect users from an electric shock.

MEGASPA electric steamers come with Mirab Arian one-year warranty and ten-year after-sales service.

Model Dimensions (mm) Output (kW) Steam Output (kg/h) Three-Phase Single-phase Room Size (m3)
Fuse Cable Fuse Cable
EPS60 600 × 160 × 320 6 8 3 × 16 A 5 × 2.5 mm2 32 A 3 × 6 mm2 9
EPS90 9 12 3 × 16 A 5 × 4 mm2 14
EPS12 600 × 180 × 450 12 15 3 × 25 A 5 × 4 mm2 20
EPS15 15 20 3 × 32 A 5 × 6 mm2 25


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