MEGASPA Sauna Heater Stone

MEGASPA Sauna Heater Stone

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The dry sauna, which is considered synonymous with the traditional Finnish sauna around the world, is actually a wooden room with a heater installed inside. Dry sauna heaters run on electricity, natural gas or burning wood and heater stones are stocked on them. Sauna heater stone has two main functions: First, due to its high thermal conductivity, it stores the heat generated by the heater and warms up the surrounding air, heating the sauna room. Also, by spraying a little water on stones, you can create steam, which makes the ambiance of the sauna room more pleasant.

MEGASPA heater stone has the properties that guarantee the highest efficiency. These stones are split-face; that is, they have been broken or split to expose a rougher surface. Thus, they have a larger surface area for heat transfer. Also, the water that is sprayed on these stones, does not slip off the stones easily and are exposed enough to hot stones to get evaporated and produce steam. These stones are angular and therefore, are easily stocked on each other. Also, here is enough space between the stones as well as between the stones and the heating element, which facilitate air circulation between them. Accordingly, the heater element can heat the stones well and the heat retained in the stones is better transferred to the surrounding air.

MEGASPA heater stones are igneous. Therefore, they have the best thermal conductivity and do not produce an unpleasant smell when heated. These stones are dark and the darker the stone, the less light it reflects and the more heat it retains. Our heater stones are medium-sized because if the sauna heater stones are too small, they cannot store much heat, and if they are too large, they will take a long time to heat up. MEGASPA sauna heater stone is available in packages of 18 to 20 kg.


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